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Printing Fun and Patreon Rewards

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Guess who has access to her university’s fancy printer and learned how to use layout software last quarter? THIS lady. I’m very excited to offer more Patreon rewards! I have wanted to create these things myself for ages, I can’t even tell you. And I’m such a baby that when the first printings were coming… continue reading »

Endings and New Beginnings II

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Good news everyone! I’ve decided to return to college and finish my bachelors, yay! Ahhh college! It’s time for me to take another shot at it. It only took about a million years to decide on a major. A few years back I got my AA but then never transferred to a university because I couldn’t settle on a field of… continue reading »

Behind the Scenes of the “Focus on Moving Forward” Tiger

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Something I’ve always wanted to do (but didn’t have room for on social media) is behind-the-scenes posts for my art! I think the process of drawing is really interesting. The feel of my artwork changes so much from the beginning sketch, through lineart and base coloring, to adding the sparkly details and making final color adjustments. Last… continue reading »

How to Not Let Regrets Take Control of Your Life

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There’s nothing worse than feeling stuck because you’ve done something wrong or worrying when you made the wrong choice. So, concerning regret and all the fantastically crappy feelings that come with it, here’s what has worked to get me through: Step 1, Forgive Yourself: You can’t heal until you acknowledge that you are human and mistakes are… continue reading »