Behind the Scenes of the “Focus on Moving Forward” Tiger

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Something I’ve always wanted to do (but didn’t have room for on social media) is behind-the-scenes posts for my art! I think the process of drawing is really interesting. The feel of my artwork changes so much from the beginning sketch, through lineart and base coloring, to adding the sparkly details and making final color adjustments.

Last night I drew this tiger image using a pose reference I found searching “baby tiger” on google images. Isn’t it so cute?



I wanted to go with cool colors, as I had a caption in mind that had to do with anxiety and reassurance. So, I went with sort of an ocean effect! I changed the stripes to go along with the color scheme as well– the black was dominating the image a bit.


Next was the details– this was super fun and really experimental. Usually I have to edit the colors of the sparkles, change the colors of the lighting outline, etc, but this time I liked my choices on the first try. Boom, baby!


I then moved from Paint Tool SAI (my drawing software) into Photoshop CS2 (which is free for download from the Adobe website!) in order to add text and make color adjustments. Usually I just go into these three settings and mess with the options until I like the way it looks. I also added a layer of hot pink on the setting “soft light” to give the image a warmer feel, the blue was a little overpowering.


Here’s the final product! Yay.

(And it’s available as stickers, mugs, shirts, etc. on Redbubble! /shameless plug)


The caption came into my mind when I was struggling with negative thoughts and self-abuse, as usual. I’m not sure why my default mindset is negativity and self-abuse, but I will keep fighting it, one drawing at a time.

What did you think of this post? I’d love to know your thoughts, as well as suggestions on anything you’d like to see, or anything I could clarify further!

Thank you. 🙂


  1. It takes confidence to open yourself up through your work, and even more moxy to show us how you do it. People are taught to guard one’s secrets for success and shun any appearance of non-conformity to the disservice of us all. You are brave in that you not only share with the world your struggle with the negative thoughts we all experience in addition to opening yourself up to hurtful criticism by presenting these mico-battles in an artistic, extremely personal way. I am so very glad you are on this planet at the same time I am and that I have had the opportunity to see and share your work. You are beautiful, keep it up.

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