Endings and New Beginnings

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So, my contract work has all but ended.

It’s not the most surprising thing in the world. I mean, this happens to people all the time. No job lasts forever. I just didn’t expect it to be this soon, or to happen so suddenly.

I’ve tried to be smart about it, I wasn’t an employee, it wasn’t secure. I saved as much as I could. I have enough for a few months, and I will spend that time trying as hard as I can to find opportunities. If life tries to take me down, I’ll go down swinging.

I’m also so, so sad. I loved the work I was given. I loved the people I collaborated with. The odd thing is, though I worked with them for over a year, it never quite sunk in or felt real. I remember when I was given the position, I excitedly told everyone I had actually gotten my dream job. Few people are lucky enough to experience that. I’m grateful.

And I am a mess. I go between feeling absolutely numb, to random bouts of crying, back to numb again.

My boyfriend has been very lovely and helpful while I’m in this emotional state, giving me hugs and cleaning our apartment. This is a difficult situation for him, too, as he’s been looking for work for months, and while he had one interview, he hasn’t had any luck landing a position. I appreciate so much how he’s been attentive and kind through this. We watched Zootopia together last night and tried to think up plans.

The world is scary. We inexperienced. We’re scared. But, we will figure out a way to get us through this. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, but I am determined to find any way possible to conquer this.

If you’ve enjoyed my art and would like to be of assistance in this difficult time (and I would be so grateful), here’s some things you could do that would be of a LOT of help:

I’m available for commissioned illustrations,

I have a Patreon where if you donate monthly, you’ll have access to art I draw specifically for my patrons,

If you’d like to help with a one-time donation, Paypal has a useful “send money” feature (my account there is thelatestkate@gmail.com)

Also, my boyfriend has experience in Web Development (he designed and coded this entire website), so if you know of any opportunities in that field, or if you would like a website yourself, any assistance in that area would be hugely appreciated as well. Please email lewisvanhouten@outlook.com with information or any questions you have.

We both are up for any work opportunities available in the Spokane area, so if you know of anything, please let us know!

And lastly, sharing this blog post or any of my posts on social media would be a big help as well.

And thank you. Thank you for even caring enough to read this. Anxiety and depression get me stuck in a mindset of that the world is a really cold, lonely place, and your continual kindness makes it feel less so. I will make it through this. We will make it through this. Somehow, we will manage it.


  1. Have you considered adding a higher donation level ($5 or maybe even $10) to your Patreon? You could offer desktop wallpapers each month, or maybe exclusive downloadable/printable coloring pages of your art. Just an idea — it might be worth a try. 🙂

    Best wishes…

      1. I was thinking it could be awesome for a tier to be a (maybe monthly? bi-monthly?) virtual hang out, like on Twitch (it does art now!), where you can stream drawing something, and you can talk, and others can chat with you in the comments. If you’re set up for streaming, of course. Definitely don’t buy new stuff to be able to do it!

  2. Kate – I would seriously consider aggressively marketing your art to therapists (I am one and all my friends that I’ve shown who are therapists are obsessed). If I could get your art on cards (like playing card size) I would be massively giving them out to clients left and right. I’m considering making decks with the stickers at present. Just an idea. 🙂

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