Endings and New Beginnings II

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Good news everyone!

I’ve decided to return to college and finish my bachelors, yay!

Ahhh college! It’s time for me to take another shot at it. It only took about a million years to decide on a major. A few years back I got my AA but then never transferred to a university because I couldn’t settle on a field of study. I leaned equally towards Illustration, Political Science, History, and Early Childhood Education. Well, fast forward a few years and I’ve chosen NONE of those, ha ha. I’ve embraced my nerd side and I’m going for Computer Science, with an emphasis in Design. Ideally I’d like to work on applications and I am most interested in user interface design.

I fully intend to continue to make The Latest Kate art, take as many commissions as possible, and create even better rewards for my Patreon subscribers. My love for illustrating and the mental health community has not waned and they are still very much a priority for me, despite juggling college responsibilities and attempting to learn a new skill set.

It was a difficult decision not to focus full time on illustration,

but with Trump winning the presidency and the house and senate controlled by Republicans, the Affordable Care Act will most likely be repealed and I will lose my health insurance. Working freelance has a lot of perks, but unfortunately, health insurance is not one of them. This means in order to live a somewhat stable and healthy life, I need to work for a company that will provide benefits. I have a better shot at this sort of employment with another skill set, so back to school I go!

I’m actually really excited at the prospect of learning programming. It’s a field I’ve always been interested in, but I never pursued it due to a lack of courage. Well, I’m a few years older and healthier, and I feel ready to take this on.

Thank you for ALL your support. I will do my best and will continue to post art along the way!


  1. Yay, Kate! I am so proud of you! I am so impressed! When will you be starting? Your beautiful illustration has me guessing it may be as soon as this winter semester! I wish you the very best, and I’d love for you to keep us updated on your new adventures at school 🙂

  2. I wish you so much success! Going back to school is great, and it’s so much better when you’ve got a clearer idea of yourself and your art. These illustrations are really helpful to me, and so many other people. I hope all our gratitude can help carry you through any difficulties.

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